Baron Geisler: Wild Child of Show Business-

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Recently, Baron Geisler answered the controversial boobs (he’s addicted to dating sites) -touching with Cherry Pie Picache. Ms. Picache challenge the former to bring back his sanity in his life.

Determined to seek a public apology after his teleserye co-star, Cherry Pie challenged the actor to admit his mistakes and enlist the experts.

At the same time Baron was determined to fix his life. After 90 days he said his rehabilitation, he might resent the wine. He allegedly returned the right direction in his life for love and work in showbiz.

Baron previously announced as became alcoholic after their separation former girlfriend of Jodi Santamaria.

But he determined to finish the raw rehabilitation program because he wishes to change his self. He finished his statement by asking sorry to people and to happened harassment that caused him to be boastful wild child of show business.

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