Why Proper Breathing is Necessary when Singing?-

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For some people singing can be easy, some claim it can be tough.. It’s like trying to lose weight, you taking up hoodia and everything and its just so hard.

. Whatever your perception about singing, i guess it will depend on what technique you are using. However, there are lot of techniques to improve singing voice. It just a matter of choosing the right one for you.

Like proper breathing. You must learn to control how much air you need, at what rate you will breathe in, and at what rate you will breathe out. The rate at which you exhale is important, as this determines how much air you send to your vocal cords and for how long. As you exhale, you must be able to keep your rib cage expanded while using your abdominal muscles to push your diaphragm against your lungs, releasing air in a steady stream to your vocal cords.

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