When Menstruation Stop-

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As women get older their menstruation stop. All women will experience this stage when the right age come the line. And this is normal event for all women. Menopause occurs, on average, at age 51. You can check your Medicare plan and have yourself check if you want ease of mind.

Each woman is the expert on her own body. As women experience the physical, emotional, and social changes of approaching menopause, each woman faces a unique opportunity to identify her own strategies for midlife wellness.

However, do you know that menopause affect bladder control or what we called urinary incontinence. Some women have this problem after they stop menstruating. After your periods end, your body stops making the female hormone estrogen. Some experts think this loss of estrogen weakens the vaginal tissue.The inability to control your urination can occur at any time during menopause when you least expect it. Wrenching the gut by sneezing, laughing heartily or yelling at something can make it happen. So what are you waiting? Check with your doctor now.

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