Megan Fox A True Favorite

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Millions of girls all over the nation have wishes of becoming famous and being the actress in the screen in movies as well as television.

At times, this dream is influenced early on in life, after watching a movie they fall in love with. For actress Megan Fox, her love of film was prompted from the Judy Garland classic, The Wizard of Oz. As a young kid, Megan watched the film and determined, from that point on, that she planned to be an actress.

For almost a year of her childhood, Megan began to develop an obsession with the motion picture, including wearing a blue and white gingham outfit that her grandmother prepared, and dressing up in kid sized dazzling dark red slippers. She also braided her hair in the pigtails that Judy wore in that character and refused to react to any other name with the exception of Dorothy.

Perhaps empowered via her enthusiasm to the character of Dorothy, her father and mother started enrolling her in dance along with drama lessons that continued throughout her childhood as well as into her early teens. Subsequent to meeting some success being a model in model and talent competitions, it was sooner or later determined that it was time for Megan to make the shift to Hollywood along with her mother.

After spending a while auditioning, Megan booked small segments in films and tv shows. A relative newcomer to Hollywood, Megan Fox obtained well-known attention in 2007 when she appeared with the smash hit adaptation of Transformers directed by Michael Bay. She has since been bestowed with frequent pop culture titles that have the descriptive and sometimes repetitive adjectives “hot,” hottest,” “sexy,” and “sexiest.”

Nevertheless, Megan Fox has caught the attention of the public and has no plan of stepping from the spotlight any time soon. The media loves to chat with her and she obliges them together with her candid views and wild and fantastical tales regarding the motion picture business, casting politics, plus the difficulties of working with certain actors as well as directors.

In particular, Megan Fox relishes giving male journalists interviews about her path to fame, and she admitted during a 2009 interview with Elle magazine that she has maybe inflated a few of her stories, saying, “They’re boys; they’re easily toyed with. I tell stories and have them eating out of my hand. Not all of it really is true.”

She’s been endlessly compared to a fellow candid actress, Angelina Jolie, and many fans speculate that Megan Fox is probably Angelina 2.0, ready to step into the shoes of Ms. Jolie as her career comes to a close. But Fox and Jolie argue that they’re not different variations of the same person.

Nonetheless, Megan Fox is here to stay. After years of reaching for the top, she’s reached one peak and is able to climb into the next level.

Megan Fox’s road from Tennessee school girl to media darling is a real Cinderella story; a reminder that ambitions can come true. She is definitely an inspiration to her countless fans–the countless numbers of girls and young women who hope for one way to make their dreams of starring in movies and television come true.

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