Lifehouse Smokes and Mirror Track List

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I’m pretty excited! My latest Lifehouse CD arrived today from Amazon! Yahoo! This is actually the second time that Amazon delivered the same product to me.. Why? I didn’t get the first one! What I did was I went over the and had a chat with their customer service.. After telling her what my complaint was, no CD arrived, they send another one for me! Amazing Amazon, no hassle.

Here is the track listing of Lifehouse’s Smoke and Mirror.. listening to the CD right now..

“All In”
“By Your Side”
“Falling In”
“From Where You Are”
“Had Enough” (feat. Chris Daughtry)
“Halfway Gone”
“Here Tomorrow Gone Today”
“In Your Skin”
“It Is What It Is”
“Nerve Damage”
“Smoke & Mirrors”
“Wrecking Ball”

The deluxe edition of the album will feature four additional songs… which I think is what I have! haha!

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