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If you are anything like me , you might look around your house toward the end of your exhausting day chasing children around and wonder when you will ever get the time to clean, I mean really clean your home .  With such a hectic schedule, I seldom have time to really get any good home cleaning finished during the day.  However , I have come across a few quick tricks along the way to keep me on top of my cleaning efforts, even in between taking my kids around the city .

Below are some great cleaning tricks for Moms on the go :

  1. If you own a dark couch and a pet with light colored hair and want to get the hair off fast , then take a roll of packing tape and place it around your hand and rub the sofa until the hair cannot be seen .  This also is useful  for a dark area rug.
  2. If you have guests coming to visit and want to clean your toilet, drop 2 Alka Seltzer tablets in the toilet water .  Give it a few minutes until they dissolve , give the toilet a fast swish with the toilet brush and you are finished.
  3. Store some denture tablets in your kitchen and when it’s starting to look dirty from soap and use, fill the sink with some warm water and put seven to ten tablets into the water.  Let them dissolve and sit for 30 minutes .  Then rinse the sink with water , and you should have a sparkling clean sink .
  4. Make your bed right when you get up in the morning. Don’t wait until after taking your shower or after breakfast – just quickly make the bed.  This will improve the look of your bedroom right away .
  5. Baby wipes are nice to use as cleaning rags .  Use them to clean spots off your counter or a spot of baby food off the floor.
  6. To remove crayon from your walls rub a little bit of Colgate toothpaste on the wall with a damp sponge.  Be sure to rub cautiously so the paint does not come off the wall.
  7. If you are out of paper towels and have guests visiting and need to remove the baby fingerprints off a glass door , grab the newspaper and dip in vinegar.  Place the newspaper on the glass and rub until close to dry.  Then make the glass shine with a dry sheet of newspaper or cloth.
  8. If you want to really get your carpet clean, sweep your carpet with a broom first.  This will help loosen all the ground in dirt .  Once done sweeping, then vacuum .  You will be amazed by the difference!
  9. Quickly freshen your garbage disposal by cutting up a ripe lemon and putting it down the drain.  Now, turn on the disposal and let it run .  Your disposal should now smell great .
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