Francis Magalona

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Tribute to the master rapper

One of the Filipino artist that I admire is Francis Magalona. Especially when he learned that he have cancer. His fighting spirit was indeed a good example. He embraced his condition in a positive way. His life wasn’t that perfect nor a fairy tale. Born with celebrity parents, Acting or entertaining people was in his blood. His wife Pia, has kids in previous relationship, kids that Kiko accepts and treat as his own. During their marriage life there were problems encountered, one of the biggest was when he got involved in a drug issue. In that case he was detained by policemen and later proved that it was a framed up.

When he did died I was carried away with all the things his friends and relative said. During those mourning days of Francis M, it was also the mourning days we had losing our grandma.

Though he had some bad past in his life there are more good ones, not only to his self, his family, his wife and his kids but also to others. especially to those who are newbie in show business.

Rest in peace Master Rapper

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