Could it be a heart attack?

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It’s rare for a young, healthy woman to experience a cardio emergency, but some less serious conditions mimic the signs.

Your Heart Occasionally Skips a Beat. This freaky-yet-benign sensation is most often caused bnu anxiety or drinking too much caffeine. Try chilling out and sticking to just one cup of coffee a day; if you continue to experience the skipping, see your MD.

You Experience Frequent Palpitations. Again, caffeine and stress are often the culprits, but it could also be a sign of a panic attack – especially if you’re hyperventilating. Try to relax, and slow your heart rate by sitting down and breathing deeply.

You Get A burning Feeling Under Your Breastbone. It sounds like heartburn, a condition during which gastric acid from your stomach rises into your esophagus, so cut back on these triggers. If symptoms recur ( or happen when you haven’t eaten these foods), see your doctor.

You Feel Dizzy or Faint. Odds are, you simply are not eating or drinking enough. But if symptoms don’t improve after refueling or you actually black out, ask your MD to check you out for anemia or a possible heart issue.

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