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Trans fatty acids a liquid oil that has been subjected to very high heat in the process known as hydrogenation.
The process of hydrogenating any vegetable oil produces what is know as Trans fatty acid or transformed fat solidified through hydrogenation.
This hydrogenated product prolongs shelf life, gives a firm texture to the food and has a good mouth feel.
Trans fats ate found naturally in many foods, in which the major source in the diet are the partially hydrogenated oil. Examples of these are cookies, crackers, muffins, potato chips and stick margarines.
Since trans fats have been shown to have similar effect on the body as saturated fat it’s important to limit your intake of foods containing trans fats.
On average, about 2.6 percent of the calories in the typical diet come from trans fats. However, your individual intake depends on your food choices. By selecting foods carefully, you can minimize you consumption of trans fats. New products are now available in the supermarket that are labeled trans fat free- with more to follow soon.
However, some products that are trans fat-free may still be high in saturated fat, calories or added sugars.
Check the Nutrition Facts panel on the food label for total fat, saturated fat and trans fat, as well as calories and other nutrients. Select food that will fit into your healthy eating plan.

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