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Filipino Children now face the worst bully in the playground and it threatens to take, not their candies but more importantly, their lives.

Each year, roughly a million children die from Pnuemococal Disease or PDs – but almost half of all Asian parents admit that they know nothing or little about these disease. Given this, it is no surprise that this silent pandemic, while preventable, is still quietly spreading its wrath.

Pnuemococcal disease include invasive one such as meningitis, sepsis, bacteremia and pneumonia, and other common diseases such as acute otitis media (middle ear infection) and sinusitis.

There is over 90 pnumococcal disease serotype, though only about 10 of this cause more than 80% of all PDs worldwide. In the Philippines, among these found causing invasive diseases are serotypes 1,5 and 7F – these serotypes are known to be among the most invasive as seen in other countries as well, many times causing outbreaks of meningitis and complicated pneumonia.

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