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Don’t Freak if you find out things like this late in the game. A guy hides some info until he’s sure you’re girlfriend material.

Work worries. Dudes don’t want you to know if they’re not 100 percent confident in an area that’s core to their self-esteem. A guy will often act like everything is super on the job, even if he’s rethinking his career choice or sweating getting fired.

His cluelessness. He isn’t trying to be phony when he pretends to have seen a movie you mention or picks a wine without knowing if it’s red or white. Men frequently fake expertise when they want you to trust that they can take care of you.

Medical history. You might think of routine medical maladies like knee injury or an appendix removal as no big deal, but many men consider any physical failing to be a sign of weakness.

The timing of his last love. He may be vague about exactly when his last break up occurred. He’d hate for you to think he’s a player if it was, like, five minutes ago, or that he’s lame if it’s been a year.

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