Love in all its form: Gift & Service

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Gifts are more than just the shiny wrapping paper and the colorful bits of ribbon. they’re about giving yourself to another. gifts tell a person how thankful you are for having them in your life. It’s the surprise that lights up a person’s face, and the smile that dances upon their lips. Big or small, gifts are about selflessness. And when gifts are wrapped with love, they truly become priceless.

Service is all about sacrifices. It is extending your hand out t someone in need without asking for anything in return. It is through service that we are able to ease the burden of others. Whether its something as big as giving up your weekend to do volunteer work, or just simply pouring a bottle of water for your mother, it is through the humility of service that we become our best selves. By serving others, we are able to put a little more love in the world.

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