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If you are eating 1,8000 kcal/day, 1 percent is 18 kcal, which would equal 2g of trans fat.

Since U.S. food and Drug Administration has required that trans fat be listed on the Nutrition Facts panel since January 1, 2006, no one can easily track the amount of trans fat consumed each day.

Be cautious in checking food labels, as food manufacturers are allowed to list foods with trans fat content less than 0.5g (1/2 g) as 0 g (zero) of trans fat on the Nutrition Facts panel.

You may see a few products that list 0 g trans fat on the label, while ingredient list will have “shortening”, “partially hydrogenated vegetable oil” or hydrogenated vegetable oils” on it

Nutrition education on label reading and portion control is essential in keeping trans fat intake as low as possible.

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