Healthy Living Starts Now!(2nd part)

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Calcium is important in all sages of life, and the lack of it leads some women to suffer from Osteoprorosis, which if untreated, can become fatal. You can reason out your case of lactose intolerance, so Wyeth offers you a better alternative if you’re not really into milk or calcium rich foods or liquids. It’s never too late to include Caltrate in your daily health habit to make sure that your intake is in check.

One attitude Filipinos have is to just thrust aside nasal congestions, allergies and flus. We tend these illnesses lightly thinking that medication is just an added expense, and we tend to wait for all these conditions to go away. We must develop a lifestyle to vigilance for health because it is just a precious thing to ignore and discard. So when hay fever, flu, nasal congestions or allergies hit you, use Dimetapp to treat it. Dimetapp is safe and suitable for kids because of its fruity taste. It can also be used to treat nasal congestion associated with allergies, hay fever and the common cold. This medication can be purchased at Watsons’ Drugstores where pharmacists can help you if you are unsure with the formulation.

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