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Four reasons to sit back relax and enjoy your favorite game show

Have a good laugh. Forget all your worries even for just a few hours and let the game show entertain you. “A good laugh makes the brain release certain neutrotransmitters which makes us feel good,” says Jocelyn Nolasco, professor of psychology at the Ateneo de Manila University.

Demahin mo! Game shows are a good way of having a catharsis for your emotions,” Nolasco points out. “ they allow you to run the whole gamut of emotions – from excitement, to anticipation, to disappointment or elation, contestants and viewers alike feel all these things throughout the show.” So go ahead, tune in to your favorite game show and laugh, cry or scream all you want.

Learn something new. There are some game shows that really challenge contestants and viewers to think and learn something new. Brush up your Pinoy trivia by tuning in to a game show like Pilipinas: Game ka na ba or Jeopardy, or try your smarts against a fifth grader in Star world’s Are you Smarter than a Fifth Grader.

Help other people. Even if contestants are not always lucky, Anievas shares that some of their viewers ask for the contact numbers of the contestants featured on the show so they can offers some financial aid. “People tent to empathized with the contestants,” she says. Game shows can be way of extending charity and comparison to others, so take note of the show’s contact information and try to help in your own little way.

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