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As a food counselor, Sanirose S. Orbeta has only one message- Keep your eating regimen simple and light. Sensible balanced meals combined with an easy regular mobility plan and pizzazz and viola- you have a healthier lifestyle.
There is a major paradigm shift from health scientists to be more liberal rather than restrictive, and to have more freedom of conscious choice in your eating and living habits.
Gone are the days when we didn’t seem to have any elbow room for deviation. We are aiming at a more user-friendly, proactive environment that endorses a new dietary attitude, and a happier nutritional outlook that emphasizes positive choices.
In reality, there are no absolute “angel-devil” food distinctions. The secret is in the choices and portions. One can have all food in moderation, balance, and correct proportion of carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals and water.
It is a soft approach to eating well.

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