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Loving your body means accepting the dive4rsity of human bodies, and recognizing that no one should be discriminated against because of the shape of their bodies.

It means celebrating your uniqueness and your many abilities. And making friends with the mirror on the wall.
Throw away the scale. Weigh yourself only when medically necessary. Even then, you can choose to ignore the number if you want.

Reject fattism in yourself and in others. Recognize that healthy, beautiful bodies came in all shapes and sizes and are gifts from heaven with your help.

Invest time and money in yourself rather than in the diet industry. Spend your money on beautiful clothes, jewelry, haircuts, manicures, and massages – not on trying new diets.

Surround yourself with size-friendly people. Choose friends who accept you that way you are and support the lifestyle changes you want to make.

Stand tall and proud. Straighten your stance and feel energy, strength and confidence flow from your head to toes.

Put your mind in touch with your body to heighten your confidence and body awareness.
Clothe your body in beautiful, comfortable clothes that fit.

Read magazines that feature large, fashionable men and women in all kind of clothes.
Be patient with your self. Old habits die hard and changes may take a while to become permanent fixtures in your life.

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