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People have always been obsessed with thinness. The proliferation of slimming centers, abusive use of diet pills and overflowing weight reducing meal replacements available in the market are sure signs that many people are still captivated by those fashion model like figures.
Fat people are viewed as unhealthy and unsightly for some. There’s “fat discrimination” among us. We have stereotyped fat people as ugly, lazy, unhealthy, having no willpower and deserving of less respect because they have brought these problems on themselves by overeating.
Millions of people, men and women alike, have devoted their lives trying to lose weight only to spend those years in frustration and despair.
Recent advances in the treatment of excess weight and obesity have created a new approach on size acceptance or self acceptance.
This new paradigm in managing the situation has changed the way people view fatness.
Instead of nagging people to become thin help them accept their body size and try to control weight gain.

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