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Functional eaters seldom think of food and when they do, it’s just a means to an end. These people have their own agenda in life and are very busy with their own pursuits. Food fits in only as a way of fueling their physical activity so that they’re free to do what they consider important.
They may skip meals, or eat the nearest thing on hand when hungry without thinking of nutritional value. You’ll find them at fast food places, take-out counters or eating microwave dinners because these are the easiest and most convenient places to get food in a hurry. Many functional eaters are workaholics and extremely driven people.
Solution: There’s nothing wrong with wanting to do more important things as long as it doesn’t impair health. If you have no patience to deal with food, ask somebody to plan your menu and shop for you. This may be a family member, a cook or a significant other, who would see to it that you’re eating right. Aside from that, my advices to functional eaters are to “stop and smell the flowers” and do some “blue-sky thinking” from time to time.

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