What is your eating personality?

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One of the most fascinating subjects which behavioral scientists, sociologists, psychologist and now, nutritionist, are trying to understand is personality. What exactly is personality? Some sociologists define it as the sum total of one’s living habits. Webster defines it as the sum of total physical, mental, emotional and social characteristics of an individual. If so, can one categorize eating personalities?
In the following days, starting tomorrow, I will post or feature 1 eating personality. But for you to have an idea and think which you will fit in here are the list:
1. The Social Eater – Food is Fun
2. The Emotional Eater – Food is Comfort
3. The Guilty Eater – Food is Temptation
4. The Closet Easter – Food is a Private Act
5. The Hypochondriac Eater – Food is the root of All Ills.
6. The Fad Eater – Eating Food is Vague
7. The Functional Eater – Eat to Live; and
8. The Balanced Eater – Food for h=Health

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