Jason Aguilar Ivler…Captured!!!

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It’s been almost 2 months since the tragedy happened that involved the nephew of singer Freddie Aguilar. It was because of a vehicular incident that Jason shot a palace official to death.
A manhunt operation was declared and even put a million reward for any information that will lead to Jason Ivler.

A mistaken identity was also been report, when an OFW from Doha,Qatar was jailed and deported back to our country for having the same name.

And this morning Jason Aguilar Ivler was arrested. NBI agents experienced difficulty in getting the suspect this is because the suspect fire gun to the agent that resulted to have 3 injured persons, which includes 2 NBI agent, That are both in a safe state as of this writing. And Jason Ivler his self was injured.It was said that he was operated due to the bullet wound that hit his large Stomach.

His mother will also be facing some legal problems for hiding her son, a crime suspect.even his step father might be charged.

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