Dahil May isang Ikaw…Final Week

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This week is the final week of Dahil may isang Ikaw. A soap opera in ABS-CBN, which starred Lorna Tolentino, John Estrada, Chin Chin Gutierez, Gabby Conception, Kristine Hermosa & Jericho Rosales.

The Story of this soap is Lorna’s Journey in finding her “kidnapped” daughter through her formel boyfriend Gabby, which happens to be Kristine Hermosa. Who was the childhood friend of their, with John Estrada, 2 adopted sons, Jericho & Sid Lucero. Also, accidentally Kristine was adopted by Gabby & Chin Chin.

Twist of the story was when Chin-chin discovered that the weakness of her enemy was with her…

Watch the show’s last week to find out what will be the ending of it.

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