a break from the eating personality lesson

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Let’s have a break from our previous post. This is due to my corrupted thumb drive, because the lessons are there and I’ll be looking for the hard copy.

So for this day let’s have an impromptu post.hehehe.what would we discuss?what’s the talked of the town…?


A few lines from the candidate

~”College Graduate sa bawat pamilya”- Gibo Teodoro

~”Computer at internet sa bawat pamilya” – Joey De Venecia

(Waiting for a candidate who’s going to promise an appliance showcase for every family…lol)

~”Ninoy para sa Pinoy” – Ninoy Aquino

~”Gusto ko Happy kayo” -Enrile

What more we’ew going to hear from them and who and what promises would they do…?hayzz…philippines.

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