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Hypochondriac are people highly preoccupied with medical syndromes and illness. This preoccupation makes them pseudo-experts in medicines and cures. They can expound endlessly and with much seeming knowledge on medical subjects.
You’ll often hear from them statements such as “Eggs increase cholesterol, drinking makes triglycerides skyrocket salty food develops hypertension and internal organs cause gout”
These people are irritating to have around during meal time for several reasons. One, they take all food restrictions to the extreme and so catering to them is a pain in the neck. Second, they preach to others repeatedly, to the extend that it’s not a joyful experience to eat with them. Third, any deviation from what they consider a correct diet may bring a host of imaginary ailments that can lead to medical abuse as they self-medicate their own ailments.
Solution: Find a preoccupation more interesting than blaming food as the root of all ills. Often, the mind can influence the body powerfully and too many suggestions may actually make the physical self ill for no real reason.

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