Superman for a Day

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I was Superman today! I didn’t leap tall buildings, nor been faster than a speeding bullet… But I felt like I have super human strenght when I did 3 things today! Oh my god! Such feat! Believe me, if you knew me, you will be impressed. I am the type of person who would not finish anything in a whole day. But today, boy oh boy, is different. I managed to “finish” 3 tasks!

Here are they…

First, I went to see my doctor for my overdue hypothyrodism (ex-hyperthyroidism)check up! I woke up very early in the morning and prepare myself. I got there around 8:30… 9:00am, the secretary arrived. I asked her when will the doctor be there, she said 10:30.. Asked her if I can just go back by 12noon, she said ok.. and I was off to do another errand.

Second task – CPU replacement. I went to Greenhills around 9:30 and was there before 11am. The technician did a couple of checking and all, but I knew the day before that it’s broken. He replaced it.

I went back to the hospital after that. I was back there a little after 12noon! By 12:30 pm I was drving again going home for the 3rd task.

Third task – work. Yes sir. I do middle shift at the office. I also do work from home even though the boss said i should go to the office. I just finished my shift that’s why i am writing all about my day here, now.

Good night!

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