Googel and Googel Earth

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Googel… That’s a pretty old term. I found out that this googel term is the most searched misspelling of the word Google. I discovered this high trafficked word when I mistype the url one day and i told myself, hey, I bet I’m not the only one who mistyped that word.

And oh am I soo right!


Facts about the googel mistyping … In english Googel is the third most commonly used misspelling of the word Google. There are a lot of reasons for this and other types of misspelling. Some occure because you are in a hurry and your fingers are faster than your brain, or the other way around 😉

Omissions as in Googl or Permutations of two characters as in Goolge are a typical result of such processes. Other possibilities are related to the exceptional spelling of Google. A list of the 5 most frequent google misspellings is presented in the right table. Part of the Information has been taken from the Wordtracker Keyword Database.
Here you will find a german variant of Googel and other misspellings.

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