Getting Rid of Black and Other House Ants

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House Black Ants, which can also be popularly known as “Sugar Ants” can be most of the times annoying. You open the sugar canister to find out that it was invaded by hundreds of black ants!

Black Ants

Keep Ants Away from your House

Keeping black ants (or any types of ants) away from you home! Here are a couple of tips in getting rid of those pesky, annoying black ants.

When the ants go marching two by two to your sugar bowl, then you know it’s time for some creative pest control. Keep ants outside (where they belong) by sprinkling a thin layer of baking soda in the cracks underneath the doors and anywhere else they can get into your house.

Cinnamon gets rid of ants they dont like it at all …..put it where you have seen them comming from and they will go away.

Bay leaves, especially when dipped into mint mouthwash and placed around the food pantry, are another helpful option.

Try to seal any possible holes to keep the invasion at bay, and make sure there is no garbage or anything attractive to ants near the entrance of your home. Windowsills should be clear of food, as these can be popular places for ants to enter.

Creating a ring of Vaseline or chalk around windows and doors also helps, as ants will not cross lines draw with any of these products. While this may not help you get rid of the ants already present in your home, it will certainly discourage other ones to join the invasion. Baby powder is another great ant repellent. Sprinkling some on doors will keep ants out of your house.

Ants also hate vinegar. For an easy solution, just mix equal parts of vinegar and water and then sprinkle on counters and other food storage and preparation areas. If there are no small children or pets in the house, you can also use glass cleaner to spray areas in other rooms outside of the kitchen.

Then there’s nippon, raid, baygon products.

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