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tube8 videosTube8, is this website or word still active? I knew this word a few months back, since last year. This Tube8 Video post is my nth time to do. I checked people who still search for tube8 videos and I was quite surprised that the traffic and the volume of traffic for tube8 hasn’t waver a bit. That means that people do not necessarily type in “” in the address bar of an internet browser but they are typing it in a Google tool bar instead… well at least that’s my Theory.

What is Tube8?

Tube8 is a video sharing website just like Youtube, only “different”. Tube8 videos are not for everyone. If you don’t know what I am talking, well you are not for this website just yet. Because if you do know about his video sharing website, then you know that this is for men only website, tube8 = men.

Tube8 Video’s Popularity and Tube8 videos’s popularity started late 2007 when people who found or started the website become huge! Here’s the domain information of

Expiration Date: 2009-09-05
Creation Date: 2007-09-05
Last Update Date: 2008-08-25
As you can see,’s popularity with it’s videos and all started 2007 (end of), since they registered the name September 2007. And looking at the trends of tube8, it’s still going up there!

Top Countries

Tube8 is not only popular in the US but on other countries as well. As a matter of fact, United States is not the top country in top searches for collection of tube8 videos. It’s not even in the top 10. You want to know which country it is?

Here’s the top 10 countries that searches for “tube8” by volume

1. Italy
2. Morocco
3. Indonesia
4. Greece
5. Finland
6. France
7. Poland
8. Ireland
9. Portugal
10. India

Tube8 is not that popular in the US aint it? Anyway, I made my point.

Tube8 and, this post is all about it.

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