Maureen Dowd Borrowed, Copy Words, Plagiarism

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Maureen Dowd Borrowed, Copy Words, Plagiarism… so what?! People do this all the time (bloggers most specially)… Of course, when we’re talking about big time columnist for the Times and has won a world renowned Pulitzer prize, Plagiarism really do seems like a very big crime.

I still say, it’s should be that big a deal… me as a blogger do this all the time..

Who is Maureen Dowd?

See this one? I am going to ‘borrow’ text from Wikipedia… After scanning her page, so… she is the one who did the series of article about the Monica Lewinsky Scandal! Remember the intern?!

Maureen Dowd (born January 14, 1952) is a Washington D.C.-based columnist for The New York Times.[1][2] She has worked for the Times since 1983, when she joined as a metropolitan reporter. In 1999, she was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for her series of columns on the Monica Lewinsky scandal

Maureen Dowd’s Scandal

And now looks like Maureen Dowd is facing her own contreversia regarding the alledge plagiarism on her column in the Sunday Times.. It was reported that she accidentally copied or the thing was lifted straight from a blog post by TPM’s Josh Marshall on Thursday

Here’s what we read:

Gawker – Maureen Dowd Admits to an Act of Accidental Plagiarism …

Yesterday we learned that an entry in Maureen Dowd’s Sunday Times column appeared to be lifted straight from a blog post by TPM’s Josh Marshall on Thursday. Last night, Dowd admitted to plagiarizing Marshall.

Maureen Dowd’s borrowed (fixed) words: The Swamp

Maureen Dowd, whose barbed-worded columns for The New York Times never have lacked for original thoughts about the Bush administration, has admitted to some borrowed words. She reports that it was inadvertent. Dowd has allowed that some …

Maureen Dowd Admits Inadvertently Lifting Line From TPM’s Josh …

UPDATE: New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, in an email to Huffington Post, admits that a paragraph in her Sunday column was lifted from Talking Points Memo editor Josh Marshall’s blog last Thursday.

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