What is Jacaranda?

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Welcome to my blog! This blog is all about blogging, tips, seo, keywords, link building, trivias, music, movies.. basically everything I want it to be… This is Jacaranda-Cafe.. This is blogging while sipping one hot instant coffe (yes, that’s my spelling of it)

What is Jacaranda?

We all know what a cafe is (or coffe for that matter) but what comes first to mind when you hear the term ‘jacaranda’? Let’s see what Google has to say about “Jacaranda”:

(Pardon me if I don’t know how to capture the whole web page. Will learn that soon 🙂
As of this writing, the number 1 is called Jacanda Catering followed by Wikipedia’s article and the third one is a video production company.

For me though, the reason why I choose the domain Jacaranda is because I am a big Beatles fan and during their teen-age, before fame years, they used to hang out in this coffe place called Jacaranda.. Hence the name.

And soon, I really hope that I would rank first for the term “Jacaranda”

Help me and link me to your blog/site.

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