Control Acoustics 5-piece Acrylic Drum Shield

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Check out this Control Acoustics 5-piece Acrylic Drum Shield!

I already sold my Pearl drum set to a facebook friend but if I hadn’t and if I am still playing the drums, I would certainly would consider purchasing or getting myself this Control Acoustics 5-piece Acrylic Drum Shield !

This is by far the best MF drum shield in the market today!

It’s vacation time already and I think I will enroll my two kids in a music school to have them learn how to play either the drums or keyboards!

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Audiophile Pro

Do you love music? Are you into music? Do you see yourself as making money and being professional in the music industry? Do you want to be a Steve Martin (of the Beatles?)

If you answer yes to these, you may invest in a device called vienna ensemble pro.

Check it out, research about it and be familiar with it.

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Great Sounding Gear!

Last time I told you about how very much techie our music world is.

Here’s another proof of that, the – pod hd500. This little bad boy has a lot of this in its hood. Check it out!:


POD HD500 includes 16 HD amp models based on:
•Fender Twin Reverb
•Hiwatt Custom 100 (DR103)
•Supro S6616
•Gibson EH-185
•Fender Bassman
•Fender Blackface Deluxe Reverb
•Divided by 13 JRT 9/15
•Dr. Z Route 66
•Vox AC-15
•Vox AC-30 (Top Boost)
•Marshall J-45 MkII
•Park 75
•Marshall JCM-800 (2204)
•Bogner Uberschall
•Mesa/Boogie Dual Rectifier
•ENGL Fireball 100


I personally play guitar and i always wanted to have one of this.. Please for those of you how are giving away review items, send one to me.. i will make a very honest review. Promise.


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Trabaho, Ipon, Travel.. Enjoy

That’s my motto… Enjoy lang ng enjoy, di ba mr. #HenyoMaster?

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High Tech Music

Don’t you find it amazing how advanced technology is nowadays? I mean, with a simple tap you can see, hear and talk people anywhere in the world?

Let’s talk about music for example. Although music and musical instruments are dated way back even before Christ’s time. Or let go to a more recent time. Few decades ago, rock and roll began its root.

Simple instruments like a bass, guitar and drums is all you need. Now, all those three are in a novation launch pad. Amazing right?

I now have a guitar, drum set, bass guitar, i even have a ukulele.. I think i should start getting electronic instruments too no?

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Native Instruments is not Ancient!

Recently I stumble upon an old phase with a different meaning. The words are ‘native instruments’. At first it may sound like primitive or from old times right? But apparently in today’s time, native instrument is in fact modern and much advanced musical technology.

An example of this is maschine., I suggest you check what that instrument is and if you are some sort of an audiophile of a DJ, I am definite that you will going to love it!


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2016 – New Year, New Opportunity!

I want to greet you a very happy happy new year! May you have a good one this year too!


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Mistake Network Marketers Make,

elizar palad mlm tipsAs you know, Network Marketing is way better option compared to employment and traditional Business. The thing is, new distributors doing MLM today are doing mistakes that costs them their business.

Here’s one martin hd 28:

They CONVINCE instead of ATTRACT new distributors or customers.

Don’t tell them, “I know you would be good at this.”

They tell their prospect that this business is for them and that they will succeed at it.

Thing is, You don’t know if they can do it. Don’t drag people in just because you can. That is why you prospect. Although everyone can do this business but Not everyone is open minded about it.

Don’t act like you NEED them. They are looking for leaders, not needer’s and you should be doing the same.

The best thing that you can do is to Attract people who are like you, who are as excited as you are, who have the passion that you have.

If you convince them, they normally are people who don’t stay.

A man convinces against his will, remains unconvinced still.. one of the quote that stuck in my from Frog Fishing.


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GTA 5 Comes to PC and Next Gen.

Almost every gamer is familiar with this game, Grand Theft Auto where you become the crooked gangster and fight your way to notorious glory. The GTA 5 is the latest installment in the series which got released only on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles.

The older consoles, marshall 1974cx, are relatively less in terms of raw power and it kind of made the game visually dull. But, now Rockstar has confirmed that it is all set to get released on new platforms with more draw distance, better textures, graphics and character modeling. Besides, the PC version will get an exclusive video editor.

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Why I’m Excited About Halo?.

Halo is one of the celebrated exclusives of Microsoft consoles but the good news is, it is going to be made into a movie soon. The biggest directors are on board which is why I’m extremely excited about this product.

During the E3 2014 conference, Microsoft confirmed that Halo Nightfall produced by Ridley Scott will be bundled along with the Halo Master Chief collection. It will also be relayed as a digital series on the Xbox One console musical instruments clarinet.

But, it looks like this will not be the only movie to come out because as promoted earlier, another live action series by Steven Spielberg is in the works. It is being produced by Amblin and 343 industries.

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